Collab : Kay Minya 

Hello my chic ladies , I hope y’all are fine . Because I am . The Lord is still pouring is grace on me so my life is more than fine . 

I recently got in contact with a US local clothing line from California, named Kay Minya . Which is actually a brand of T-shirts and Baseball hat . Really dope . And they were kind enough to let me collaborate with them for this look . And I am just more than happy to represent them .. like their tee game is strong !!! On fire hum hum 

You can reach them on their IG : @_kayminya 

I went for a ” Cool kid ” look .. I love the way some African teenagers dresses , and I was mostly inspired by my sisters friend who constantly dress like that .. Youri is his name .. ( also a blogger by the way ) 

I paired the red T-shirt with a pair of black pants , that comes till the ankles ( I love this , don’t you ?? ) 

Also my pair of them Fashion Nova floral embroidered pair of sneakers , a burgundy fedora hat and a black back pack in which I am so in love with the gold details on it !!! 

Still going strong in my casual look tho . I am proud of me to be honest!! Lool tell me what you think of it !!! 

Thanks for passing by !!! 


One thought on “Collab : Kay Minya 

  1. Yes my babe. Such a cute look you created. I have to say, I love that shirt and those embroidered sneakers are super cute. Love the pairing with the black pants and fedora hat. Well done my baby. Great post again


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