4th of July Inspired 

Hello my chic ladies , hope you are all fine ? Well well this was my first 4th of July in America . And I couldn’t resist of cooking up a casual outfit totally inspired my the USA flag color . I was so excited about it , and I hope you will enjoy it !!! 

I went for a red cold shoulder and a blue pair of short . I seriously love the short particularly because of the look it gives me you know . I used to see them shorts on Scott ( Kourtney Kardashian ex-boyfriend ) and I always loved that rich kid look it was giving him .

Still on the casual série , went for my grey sandals with those small heels , just because I felt like keeping it low , comfy still stylish . And it absolutely worked out the way I planned . Fabulous right !! 

To keep the swagg I felt like having a baseball hat ( that details is so Americanish ) I couldn’t left that out from the outfit. I got it in a baby blue by Tommy Hilfiger , and a White cross bag . 
I love the look because I felt like I wore the whole flag on me you know !! I hope you enjoyed it as well !!! 


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